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Total clean up?

Malaysians have learned the hard way to treat all government policy statements as false and misleading. For instance, everything that Najib and his fellow criminals have said about 1 MDB.

Deputy PM Zahid took these lies a step further in issuing a statement that his government would engage in a “total clean up” of corrupt officials in all areas of Malaysian government. He did not elaborate whether this clean up would include dismissals and prosecutions or if it would “clean” by whitewashing. Doubtless the latter; if it ever happens at all. Nor did he confirm that “officials” includes Ministers.

In a ritual bow to the chief thug of his boss, criminal PM Najib, Zahid expressed his confidence in the “high integrity” of the PDRM! That should please IGP Khalid, whose ‘loyalty’ was long ago apparently secured by Najib.

It is a measure of the fantasy world inhabited by UMNO “leaders” that they should make such stupid and lying statements in public. Who do they think will listen let alone believe? It is also a measure of the grievous state of democracy in Malaysia that they should be able to continue to do so without incurring total public contempt.

The day of reckoning draws nearer all the time and then they, Najib, Zahid and many others will have endless time to ask themselves how they ever thought that they would get away with it.

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